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This is an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about who you really are and how you can become a more effective person as you pursue your passion and your dreams.

– Steve Steele, President, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

I just can’t believe how something so simple and fun could make such a positive impact on my life, both professionally and personally. The data has the ability to not only surprise you, but more importantly, guide you.

– Tammy Gilbert, Vice President of Career Development, Full Sail University

This economy is scary. 99% of the companies have no idea of the speed required to survive. Essentials moves fast to help you understand your customers, keep them coming back, and securing more customers like them.

– Doug Gealy, President Acme Communications

The old adage that 50% of our marketing dollars are wasted, we just don’t know which half, is true. With (e3) I know which half.

– Brenda Towle, LIN Broadcasting

We benchmarked our top sales executives to determine an exact behavioral profile for future hires. (e3) helps me make sure I’m hiring the right people for the job.

– Stan Gill, VP and GM, New Mexico’s CW.

Essentials provides a valuable service to companies interested in mitigating risk around hiring and retention.

– Steve Wenzel, founder Wenzel & Fenton Law

I run a pennies business. (e3) saves us money and gets the right people into our company. We use (e3) before we do background checks or drug screenings. There is no need to waste $50.00 on the wrong candidate when we can know in 10 minutes whether the person is right for us or not.

- Vic Cassano, President Cassano’s Inc.

I’m not sure we would even be in business if it were not for Essentials. They restructured our company from the top down in a period of three months!

– Sandi Gehring, VP of The Daily Buzz (a nationally syndicated morning show)

(e3) can pair with internet recruiting methods using a connection and a telephone. It speaks to the basic needs of today’s employers and employees. Employers gain the insight to find a “best fit” candidate and the ability to sustain culture. The employee has the satisfaction that the company will provide them with the growth opportunity they are looking for in today’s work environment.

– Carrie Brancheau, Director of Human Resources for Tomarrie II, LLC

(e3) completely changed our business. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in a period of months by using this simple process for hiring and identifying problems in our company. It was like bringing a business MRI into our company. Wow!

– Sharon Weiler, VP of Sales for Acme Communications

Essentials identified our core competitive advantage, and worked closely with us to make sure we employed this advantage through every level of the company. The net result: we are significantly outperforming the industry.

– Joseph Guiste, Director of Marketing, Casino Pauma

I learned my lesson. The (e3) results with two recent candidates said they were not good fits for the job. I hired them anyway. Neither one worked out. I learned my lesson.

– George Longmire, CTO, SolutionWerx