Our behavioral profiling tool, the (e3), will help screen your applicants quickly, finding those applicants that best fit your position, and save you interviewing time by understanding the core behaviors and growth areas of each candidate. Learn More…

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Case Study: ACME Communications, a television station group, used the (e3) tool to establish a behavioral profile (benchmark) of their top salespeople. New hires that passed the benchmark test outperformed other salespeople by 40% in their first 90 days. After implementing the use of the (e3) test for all potential hires, Acme Communications has consistently outperformed their industry.

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The (e3) completely changed our business. We saved thousands of dollars in a period of months by using this simple process for hiring and identifying problems in our company. It was like bringing a business MRI into our company. Wow!

– Doug Gealy, President, ACME Communications

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The (e3) helped us reduce turnover in our company by 50% in less than two years.

– Vic Cassano, President, Cassano’s

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